Every picture has a story, let me tell yours.



My names Alexis Nguyen, I'm a lifestyle Photographer here in Orlando, Florida. This is my Blog where you can view my work, but also get to know //ME//. I love capturing my everyday moments, you know... the ones you look back and and say "their feet were actually that small?!, have a good laugh at that toothless grin one of my kids gave me while making a mess after I just cleaned up the living room for the 100th time, or even shedding a tear, because the little person I'm staring at in the photo in front of me, is no longer three but TWELVE going on twenty. I'm a Wife, Mom to FIVE, amazing little humans. I enjoy writing for fun, but also to relieve any stress that might be trying to settle ( please forgive my grammar, punctuation and whatever else goes along with writing a blog, I'm most likely typing with one hand because I probably nursing the baby, have one of my kids trying to climb on me, and the others are running around the house trying to get ready for some sports activity. I have a love for life, exploring and pushing myself to new limits (thanks to my husband pushing me to leap out of my comfort zone). I love to meet new people, exchange stories/wisdom and just build friendships. So, thanks for stumbling upon this little blog, I hope you enjoyed stopping by, and if you'd like to inquire about a possible shoot, please feel free to leave a comment below or contact me through this site.